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Real estate deeds that transfer property in Kansas can be recorded to provide constructive notice of the transfer. In most cases deed documents are recorded in the County where the property is located.

The grantor is the only party to a quit claim deed that is required to subscribe (sign) the document in Kansas. The grantor's signature must also be certified by a notary public in order for it to be valid and the quit claim deed to be enforceable.

Kansas State Statute regarding signatures on real estate deeds as follows:

58-2209: Conveyance of real estate; signature required. All deeds or other conveyances of lands, or of any estate or interest therein, shall be subscribed by the party granting the same, or by the party's lawful agent or attorney, and may be acknowledged or proved and certified in the manner prescribed by the uniform law on notarial acts and K.S.A. 58-2216 and amendments thereto.