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Kentucky Contract for Deed and Promissory Note

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Contract for Deed also known as a Land Contract
Included are Three forms:
(1) "Contract for Deed" evidenced by a Promissory Note and
(2) "Promissory Note" secured by a Contract for Deed.
(3) "Annual Accounting Statement"
This is considered a more secure method of owner financing than just a land contract because the promissory note is more elaborate and defining of late payments, defaults and penalties. Typically, a Contract for Deed is a recorded instrument, as where the promissory note is held onto by the Seller/Lender until the note is paid in full. These forms are governed by Kentucky law. A promissory note with strong default terms can be beneficial to the seller/lender.

The Contract for Deed form states that the consideration reflected is the fair market value for the property. The parties join this Contract for Deed for the sole purpose of certifying the consideration pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 382. These forms offer the choice of typical installment payments or a balloon payment, which is common in land contracts, $XXX down, payments for 3-5 years with balance due of YYY.

(Kentucky Contract for Deed Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in Kentucky Only.

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